The Absolute Truth (Book)

the-absolute-truth-bookEver since we could talk, think and analyze, we have been searching for an answer to the fundamental question, “What is the absolute truth?” Scholars, philosophers, believers, unbelievers, everyone gives there own definition. While some say God is the absolute truth, some others say there is no such thing as God and certainly there is no such thing as a single absolute truth.  Who is right? We don’t know. May be there is an absolute truth or may be there is none. However, even though I am a firm believer in God and consider God to be the absolute truth, one day I found myself troubled by questions regarding the nature of God. Then followed certain realisations that changed my outlook altogether.  Many concepts got cleared and I gained new insights. Within five minutes many of my year long doubts vanished and I got peace. I wrote down the concepts in form of a book so that anyone else who is also troubled by such questions can find some answer. The Absolute Truth is the book that contains the insights I gained. So if you are looking for some answers then I hope this book will be able to provide you some help.


To retain the complete rights of the book so that I can use its content anyway I like without needing anyone’s permission, I self published the book instead of going traditional. But the downside of this was the book lost the benefit of free professional editing.  Due to some time constraints I wrote the book in one go without even proof reading it. As I am a not a regular speaker or writer of English language, this book contains spelling and grammatical errors that I may have failed to detect while writing. When I reread the book and find the major errors, I list them here.  Please excuse me for any inconvenience that you may have faced while reading the book due to the errors.


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